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Together we are, in this war

Fighting the battles of art,

riddled with explosions of canvasses

and flashes of camera strokes,

That only we can see

freeing all silent stories from the mute lips of man

And all slumbered beauty, caught dozing in nature

Along with all things deep, beauteously so

Together we are, distant strangers

In distant strange lands

Playing charades with perspectives of sonder 

On a deck of pixels, getting fates morphed by lenses, Angles, silent narratives and deaf images. 

Together we are, too, in these sunlit valleys

Seeking sygyzies in the stretching skies

beneath waking moons and sleeping suns

Just above those giggling towers of cuddling stars

Daughters of the Night - maidens of nature 

Together we are, voiceless tellers

Of noiseless tales, captured eternally

In printed memories

Of Photography

© Ahmad ☓ | 2018



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