Wordplay XXIX - Arise

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Come, patriots and compatriots
Arise with a rise in rise 
Upon this wry, arising in a rising 
With the whole roar of its horror
From bloodied rods and bloodied roads

Upon its crisis that cry seas in hot huts of hurt
And its sorrowed sorrows, sowed in rows
To Rip the souls of men from the soles of men

And stand, on a stand, that withstands, and outstands its stands, and understands, the stands Of a united brotherhood and a knighted brotherhood 

As citizens against these city sins
That lay a gauze of fire on Lagos, reigns a rain on the Plateaux of the Plateau and Crosses the rivers of a cross river, Into the very torn plains of Zamfara on its very torn planes

Come; patriots, and compatriots
Arise with a rise in a rising uprising 
For the love of love and a piece of peace 

© Ahmad ☓ | 2018

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